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BiBli Brain for Raspberry Pi 3 - Robot Swarm Shield


 Available in Fall of 2018! 

  • Snap a BiBli Brain Shield onto any Raspberry Pi 3 (B) and turn it into a social BiBli robot!
  • Easy web dashboard allows you to control 1 or 100 BiBli robots
  • Comes with easy Python based 2WD robot control software
  • Text-to-voice 
  • Media library
  • Bluetooth and wi-fi connected
  • Connect up to 2 motors
  • Connect sensors
  • Control via game controller or any browser
  • Download BiBli OS 2.1 free

Requires Raspberry Pi 3 + SD Card and Power Supply. Motors not included (any 3-12v motor system works). Add digital or analog sensors of your choice.