BiBli Developer Kit® with Full Body and Raspberry Pi


This is everything you need to assemble your very own BiBli head, arms and body. It starts with a simple frame, head and wheelbase as well as all electronic components to assemble a full BiBli robot. 

Assembling the kit (it's totally re-usable) is the perfect way to introduce students to robot design. They can power it up and test the drivetrain and everyone loves to customize their own hair, arms and head. (Here are the instructions if you would like to get a head start.)

Included are:

Body Parts & Chasis
Pre-cut PVC chassis parts
Pre-cut plexiglass wheelbase and hardware mounts
Arms and head materials
BiBli Googly eyes

BiBli OS & Developer Kit
Raspberry Pi 3 with Bluetooth and Wi-fi

2WD Motors + rear roller wheel
Wires/Mounting Hardware

Requires 4 AA batteries


Add a USB Mic, Pi Camera and Mobile Speakers to make your BiBli interactive. 

Weight: 2.00 lbs
Dimensions: 18in x 11in x 5in box
Ages 6 and up
Please allow 7-10 days for shipping.